About us


The minute bistro is a place where you can do as you want , paying only for the thing valued the most – Your TIME

In today’s busy, fast-paced world it can be hard to find the time to sit, slow down for a minute and celebrate the joys in life. It is Our Mission to create a “Bubble” for all to enjoy these simple but important pleasures.

What are some activities enjoyed with us?

Browse the Internet, Read a book,Newspaper or magazines. Meet up with friends, Have a work meeting, Enjoy your favourite board games, Work in a relaxed environment, all you can eat and drink.

Like an extension of your home, you can have it all!
Our doors are open to everyone. Each guest becomes a micro-tenant of the space, responsible for it and able to influence our culture.
Everything is free inside except the time you spend there. We charge 5 rupees per minute and that’s all. By paying for your time you’ll be making a donation towards growing this idea.

Our history

In the heart of Kasturi Nagar, Bangalore- Entrepreneur Enayet Ansari and nikhil kamath gathered resources to start up a busniess. He transformed an empty rooftop into a complete recycled, environmental friendly restaurant. In location not lacking for options of eateries, This bistro stands out as a place apart- transporting you to the mediterranean upon entry. With its flowing decal and plants, one literally feels like sitting in a garden, enjoying an afternoon breeze or an evening of starry light. As Enayet and nikhil became acquainted with the tasks restauranteurs face, he quickly adapted and grew with the changes. The Idea of an environment Acting as a cultural centre, an entertainment venue, a co-working area and a social space with no restrictions other than all must respect the space and others in it. Each guests are treated like a visitor to one's own home. The pay per minute model allows for a more formal but necessary way to structure guests’ attendance on arrival.


The minute Bistro” is a special and unique Idea. We aim to provide people with their own free space, but our growth would be impossible without entrepreneurs like you who are interested to take part in this exciting development. Our franchise fee is very affordable to speed up this revolution, and you will get the full support from cafe layout design to website and technology. Please contact us at to bring this concept to your city now!


TMB is more than just a revolutionary eatery, it’s a startup community too! We provide a conducive working space and a venue to meet like-minded individuals. Whether you are a new startup, a small business or just embarking on a career as a freelancer, joining our club can help you work in a better environment and achieve greater success!

Buy Time


At at theminute bistro you are free to be yourself; you can work, read a book, play games, get acquainted with good people, drink and eat as much as you want — in other words, do whatever you like as long as you respect the space and the other people in it.
Theminutebistro is your home away from home. You can make friends here by joining any theminutebistro community, or you can hang out with your friends. Use theminutebistro as a co-working space, read a book, play games, get acquainted with like-minded people, or just chat with your buddies! In other words, do anything you like without disturbing the other tenants !
Sure! In our flexible co-working space, you will find everything you need to work efficiently. Theminutebistro has free high-speed internet, unlimited power supply, books, tables and massive television .
Yes! All of our bookings are made online through our website.. The Minute Bistro is always open to everybody, and you can always register at our main counter. However, if you would like to host a gathering for more than 4 people, please give us a call to check on the availability of spaces before visiting. We also have a space for private events if you have 10-20 people, so please contact us at for more information.
Yes, you are definitely welcome to bring your own food.
Unfortunately, we do not allow take-away for our drinks and food. Please help us make The minute Bistro a sustainable home!
The restroom is within the facility, but if you wish to check out, you shall be subjected to the spent time payment
Yes, you can definitely host your special event at the minute bistro . For more details on the requirements for exclusive booking of our space, please visit our website fb page .